VWW: Vienna is full of Social Innovation (Nordbahnvtl)

Häuser Park
22. Juli 2024
— 19:00


| Treffpunkt Praterstern vor Billa

When many people around the world think of Vienna, the image in their heads is of a 19th Century waltzing chocolate cake, and not the contemporary city we live in. Eugene wants to fight against these kitsch visions, and show just how forward-thinking our home is. He finds that so much innovation in our city remains hidden or obscure, but that it should be celebrated and networked.

We will take Nordbahnviertel, the area in north Leopoldstadt which has been radically re-thought in the last eight years. Not everything is perfect here, but it is utopian, adventurous and fresh. We will talk about new forms of networking, and community-building, about ways to reduce climate chaos, new mobility, shopping and eating, of alternative education, parties and living. The first thing we will explore is what social innovation means.

The tour will end with some beautiful street art, and clever integration, plus we want to hear from you which social innovation you value most in our surprisingly modern city.

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